The Freeflow Spas® Collection

What is luxury? For some it simply means exclusivity – enjoying something that most people can’t. For others the concept is less about comparison as it is about the inherent experience. Offering the luxury of a backyard spa pool at a pocket-friendly price, the Freeflow collection is built for the latter group. Indulgence has never been more accessible than it is in this range of spas.

The simplest setup

Plug N Play: all that you need to know about this innovative technology is found right there in the title. Every spa in the Freeflow range offers the same, simple setup. You place it in your preferred spot, fill it with water, plug it into a standard power outlet, and turn it on. Tradies need not apply – this is a spa pool that almost installs itself.

Affordable opulence

As you lean back into the powerful yet soothing hydromassage jets and feel your aches, stress and tension melt away, you’ll enjoy an unprecedented level of indulgence in your own backyard. But this luxurious experience doesn’t come with a luxurious price tag. Through the use of clever materials and manufacturing techniques, the Freeflow range is incredibly affordable.

The high-end soaking experience is built on a range of innovations: the Fibercor™ insulation and thermal cover are designed to keep more heat in and more cold out, efficient machinery minimises power consumption, and an in-line sanitising system keeps your water fresher for longer. This makes a Freeflow a real investment in both your property and yourself.

Robust unibody construction

Low cost spa pools aren’t known for their longevity – the costs that might be saved upfront are inevitably paid over time, as the need to repair or replace comes sooner. Unless, that is, you invest in a Freeflow.

The secret of not only the affordability of the Freeflow range, but its longevity too, is in the clever unibody construction. By ‘roto-moulding’ the body of the spa – spinning a mould to evenly cover the surface in durable, UV-resistant plastic – manufacturing efficiency is maximised. This process also creates a body so strong that it doesn’t demand the internal support frame found in most other spa pools.

Between faster manufacturing and fewer materials, you get an affordable spa pool that is built to handle whatever you and Mother Nature can throw at it, and that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

Portable and built for fun

Are you selling your home, living in a rental property, or doing some renovations? Not a problem! The Freeflow collection is so lightweight and compact that you can easily transport it from one house to another. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to bring your Freeflow with you. And when it is full, warm and ready for fun, the built-in ice bucket ensures you can balance out the warmth of the water with an ice cold beverage.

Certified to ISO 9001

Before it leaves the factory, every Freeflow spa is tested to strict ISO 9001 standards, a globally-recognised benchmark for quality management. You can be confident that you’ll take delivery of a Freeflow spa pool that does exactly what it says on the packet, and for a long time to come.