The Highlife® Collection

Immerse yourself in the Highlife

The Highlife is no longer out of reach. Hot Spring’s premier range of spa pools represents the culmination of four decades of innovation and experience—a suite of machines that are superior in every way, whether in terms of technology, comfort, design, efficiency or effectiveness.

Prepare for your spa pool expectations to be exceeded.

A taste of Europe

This range of spa pools hasn’t been designed to hide in corners or under covers—the opposite, in fact. If you’re looking for a landscaping feature, a hub of the home, or a centrepiece for your backyard, you’ve found it in the Highlife collection.

All Highlife spas are built on a base of clean lines and minimalism, with European elegance layered on top. You can also make the spa pool your own by choosing from a wealth of finishes, from organic-inspired cabinetry to crisp or patterned shells. Lighting and water features form the icing on a stunning cake, allowing you to tweak the atmosphere as desired.

Innovative intelligence

To call the feature list of the Highlife collection extensive is almost to do it an injustice. This range of spa pools packs an incredible amount of technology, all of which has been developed over the course of four industry-leading decades.

The stars of the show—and rightly so—are the hydromassage jets. Each has been designed and carefully positioned to deliver a focused and effective massage; one that melts your stresses and aches away. The entire soaking experience—jets, water care, atmosphere, entertainment and more—is controlled through the IQ2020® wireless touchscreen control panel, which can be used inside or outside the spa.

Less work, more play

The intelligence of the Highlife collection extends to maintenance too. These machines pack a wealth of innovation designed to make spa ownership easier, automating much of the busywork and giving you more time in the water.

The FreshWater® Salt System uses a titanium-infused cartridge to generate natural chlorine from salt, the filtration system features no-bypass technology that ensures all your water is filtered all the time, and multi-density foam insulation keeps the water toasty, greatly reducing power consumption.

All of this tech is wrapped in a beautiful and robust cabinet, made from the highest quality materials and designed to last for years to come. Ready to get a taste of the Highlife? Book a test soak today.