The Hot Spot® Collection

If you’re looking for value in your spa pool purchase, you’ve come to the right place. In the Hot Spot® collection you’ll enjoy all the beauty, efficiency, innovation and build quality that Hot Spring is famous for, and at a perfectly cost-effective price. Your own slice of backyard luxury has never been more accessible than it is with a Hot Spot®.

An immersive massage

The Hot Spot® collection might be one of the most affordable that Hot Spring offers, but the soaking experience feels as exclusive as ever. You’ll find the same high-quality and strategically placed jets in this range of spa pools, designed for the ultimate relaxation and release.

In fact, in the TX® and SX® models you’ll find nothing less than the ultimate in hydromassage technology: the Moto-Massage® jet, the world’s first moving spa pool jet that has been designed to sweep back ache and tension away. Precise control of each and every jet is offered by the built-in LCD control panel, allowing you to create an entirely customised soaking experience.

The cleanest, clearest H2O

Historically spa pool ownership could be a laborious affair - a never-ending game of cleaning, chemicals and litmus strips. But thanks to an array of water care technologies, the Hot Spot range will see you trading work for play.

It begins with the FROG® water care system, which makes balancing your water as simple as changing a bromine cartridge. Then there are the optional SilentFlo® 5000 continuous circulation and FreshWater® III ozone systems, which ensure your water is always as clean, clear, soft and fresh as possible.

High fashion, low cost

Minimalism never goes out of style; it’s a fact that the Hot Spot collection uses to its advantage, pairing simplicity with clean lines to create catwalk-level looks without the designer price tag. These spas are far from bland, however; metal finishes and LED lighting adding an eye-catching quality to the range.

Your Hot Spot will therefore be as comfortable in a corner as it will be as the centrepiece of your backyard, and can look as at home in a mountain lodge as it does in the suburbs. Add in the confidence that comes with investing in the market-leading innovation, efficiency and build quality of a Hot Spring, and you have one of the most compelling spa pool propositions on the market.