The Limelight® Collection

Put yourself in the Limelight

Quality, elegance, performance; a soak in the Limelight collection from Hot Spring spa pools is an experience better shared. More than just a name, Limelight spa pools are very comfortable taking centre stage in your backyard.

Built primarily for those who enjoy a sumptuous and social soak—although every bit as happy to host a more intimate affair—Limelight spas are a place where you can stretch out, recover, de-stress and have fun with loved ones.

A designer soak

Inspired by Europe, the design of the Limelight collection is modern minimalism at its peak. At first you’ll notice the clean lines and geometric simplicity, but look again and the subtly stunning design choices will begin to reveal themselves—the contoured seating, the perfectly positioned jets, the organic cabinetry, the lighting systems and water features.

The Limelight is crafted to look at home in any setting. No matter whether you’re adding to a suburban backyard or the deck of a mountain chalet, this collection will enhance the space around it. You can also make Limelight spa pools your own by picking from a suite of shell and cabinet finishes.

Sensory pleasures

Packed within the shell of Limelight models you’ll find an array of sensory pleasures that bring ambiance to the spa and allow you to set the mood of your soak. Between underwater LEDs, exterior lighting panels and backit water features, you can choose to wind down, start the party or anything in between.

You can also add your own audiovisual delights to the Limelight range. Between Bluetooth® sound systems with crisp, marine-grade speakers, subwoofers for deeper sound, and a 22” monitor that brings sport and movies to your spa, your spa pool entertainment can be whatever you want it to be.

Jet-fuelled wellness

The jets are perhaps the Limelight collection’s pièce de résistance. Dozens of carefully designed and strategically positioned jets line each model, with every seat enjoying a distinct soaking experience. 

The LCD control panel on the side of the spa lets you tweak the pressure of the jets to your liking, helping you to create your ideal massage. Whether you need a soak that is gentle and relaxing or deep and rehabilitating, the Limelight is ready to help.

Able to fit between four and seven guests depending on the model, there’s room for all your loved ones to bask in this particular Limelight.