R Series


More cost-effective, compact and functional than a lap pool, more spacious and feature-packed than a spa pool. If you’re after a machine that can do it all, from offering an endless, tumble-turn-free swim to massaging you before or after, look no further than the R500. This is an entry-level swim spa in name and price only, offering a wealth of technology and functionality usually reserved for more luxurious models.


5 Adults


457 x 226 x 127 cm


6,624 litres litres

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Small outside, endless inside

The R500 is a paradox. It’s just 4.57m long and 2.26m wide – a total footprint of a little over 10 square metres – but if you jump in and start swimming you’ll find that you never reach the end. It’s like having an open body of water, like an ocean or a lake, right in your own backyard, even if you’re not blessed with a wealth of outdoor space.

The hero of this compact swim-in-place experience is the R500’s propulsion system, which uses three powerful jets, and some clever fluid dynamics, to push over 800L of water past the swimmer each minute. The current can be set to two speeds and is low in turbulence, which helps to create that feeling of an open water swim.

Hello hydromassage

Sure, the swim-in-place experience might be the R500’s headline act, but its hydromassage seating runs a very close second. Five separate seats are spread around the R500 – making this as much a party host as it is a personal trainer – three of which offer totally unique arrays of therapeutic jets of which there are 27 in all.

You can find your ideal spot with a game of musical chairs, then use it however you’d like: as a pre-workout warm up, a post-workout cool down, or as a soothing and relaxing experience all its own, perhaps paired with a glass of wine and a good book.

Luxury for less

Given all the technology and features mentioned above, you’d perhaps expect the R500 to be a high-end model. The presence of an underwater lighting system, a backlit waterfall water feature and ultra-efficient Tri-Thermic Barrier insulation only add to the case.

But the truth is that the RecSport range, of which the R500 is a part, is the most affordable in the Endless Pools stable. R500 owners get incredible levels of luxury for far less than they often expect, and the opulence can be further enhanced with a range of optional extras: Bluetooth® sound systems, the Aquabike and the CoolZone® cooling system to name but a few.

Product Specs

Type 127cm Swim


457 x 226 x 127 cm

Water Capacity

6,624 litres


930kg (Dry) / 8,478kg (Filled*)
* Includes water and 10 adults weighing 80 kg each

Shell Colour Options

Alpine White or Ice Grey

Cabinet Colour Options

Dark Mocha or Grey Oak

Swim Technology

3 Swim Jets – Max 806 Litres Per Minute

Hydromassage Seats


Hydromassage Jets

27 jets: 1 Large Jet, 2 Rotary Jets, 2 Directional Jets, 22 Mini Jets

Hydromassage Jet Pump

2.5 HP Continuous Duty; 5.2 HP Breakdown Torque – Dual Speed Pump

Control System

LCD Control Panel, 230v/24amp, 50 Hz

Water Feature

1 Illuminated Waterfall

Effective Filtration Area

9 m2

Lighting System

24 Multi-Colour LED Points of Light



Base Pan

Thermoformed ABS Base Pan



Energy Efficiency

EPS Foam + Reflective Film; Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California Law.

Stainless Steel Grab Rails

3 Stainless Steel Grab Rails

Music Option

8 Speakers + Subwoofer, Bluetooth®-Enabled

Exercise Equipment Options

Swim Tether, Resistance Bands, Floor Mirror

Vinyl Cover & Lifter Options

Watkins Covers & Lifters (Uprite™/ProLift™ IV) or VacuSeal™ Cover System, CoverCradle™/ProLift™ III

Additional Options

CoolZone™ Cooling System, Floor Mirror, Gecko In.Touch™ WiFi and Mobile App, SwimDek® Surface Kits